TRANSFOHRM is the CSI of HR. We put everything under the microscope yet our human resources management solutions are always simple, straightforward and easy to implement.

We also know it takes a team to crack a case. Review below to see a few examples of how we’ve banded with businesses to transform human resources into human capital.

Dialing in a Telecom’s Cost Structure

Opportunity: A telecommunications company struggling with a bloated cost structure needed to improve productivity and sustain a more competitive operating margin.

HR Strategy: We dissected the total labor spend and discovered it was higher than competitors. Together, we established firm expectations and dialed in the ideal labor/revenue target, improved overall productivity, prioritized and aligned employee functions and labor sources with key business priorities, and created tools for ongoing forecasting and labor spend management.

Transformation: Labor/revenue improved by more than 25%.

Solving Triple Threat in IT Merger

Opportunity: Integrating operations and improving efficiency and productivity, delivering two high-priority projects on time and dealing with declining employee commitment scores.

HR Strategy: Our intensive assessment determined IT could reduce labor spend while improving productivity by organizing resources with an improved software development process, lean more on internal resources than outsourcing to complete projects, and improve post-merger employee commitment with a unique targeted leadership strategy and employee productivity model.

Transformation: Commitment shot up 50%, labor cost ROI improved 25%, and two high-priority projects delivered on time, saving millions of dollars in merger and on-going operating expenses.

Boosting Store Sales, Stopping Employee Turnover

Opportunity: High employee turnover and inconsistent store productivity.

HR Strategy: An exhaustive analysis of hiring practices, store manager and associate turnover, training compliance, compensation rates and practices, and employee commitment revealed why people were leaving and sales were declining. We designed and implemented a proprietary store manager effectiveness program and instituted more competitive wage initiatives.

Transformation: Increased store sales by 15%, reduced turnover by over 10%.

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